Do you know this American Victory City?

60 Square Miles that have become
                the Headquarters for Democracy


When George Washington asked Major Pierre Charles
          L'Enfant, French comrade-in-arms, in the American    
Revolution, to lay out the Nation's capital, the father of his    
country envisioned a city not as large as London but equal to    
all others in Europe.
  World War II finds tracts of land which compose the 60    
square miles of Washington, the Headquarters of Democracy.
  Here the United Nations sit in council--here the vast forces of    
America are marshalled for victory -- here "Lend Lease" originates    
-- here lawmaker and magistrate, soldier and citizen shape the    
world to come. Washington is, in truth, America's Number One    
Victory City. PCA salutes you!

                                                    *         *         *

By shortening the distances and minutes between America's Victory    
Cities, Pennsylvania Central Airlines proudly serves the daily trans-    
portation needs of those whose efforts are so essential to the winning    
of the war - just as it has faithfully served America's peacetime    
civilian needs for sixteen consecutive years.

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