Do you know this American Victory City?

The City that put the World on Wheels        
is now the Arsenal of Democracy

"F.O.B. DETROIT", a phrase known the world over today, means the point of origin of more war production than any other American city - 20 million dollars' worth every day!


Its automotive industry is making more tanks, planes, guns and    
motorized equipment for United Nations Armed Forces than was    
dreamed possible a year ago. It could, did and is doing it because    
it has mass-production "know-how." Between January and December,    
1942 alone, deliveries of war materials jumped from 173 to 591    
million dollars' worth!

Detroit has a heart, too! It led the nation in the speed with which it raised funds for its War Chest. It recently exceeded a national charity quota by more than half a million. This hard-hitting, hard-working, never-say-die city is a Victory City of which all America is proud. America is plain lucky to have it! PCA salutes Detroit!

*     *     *

By shortening the distances and minutes between America's Victory Cities, Pennsylvania Central Airlines proudly serves the daily transportation needs of those whose efforts are so essential to the winning of the war - just as it has faithfully served America's peacetime civilian needs for sixteen consecutive years.

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