Do you know this American Victory City?


From Mule Cars . . . to the
      Industrial Heart of the South


Birmingham may have been a sleepy Southern town
          when this photograph was taken on November 19, 1884,    
at 9th and 1st Avenue, North. But, today, this Victory    
City is surging forward to meet our nation's war needs at a    
rate of speed unsurpassed in any section of the country.
  Its vast steel mills, operating at over 90% capacity, are    
producing over two-and-one-half million tons of ingot.    
Cement production has reached unprecedented heights. Its    
tinplate mills, among the world's largest, are booming.    
From its great modern plants, stream thousand of imple-    
ments of war--steel barges, shells, lifeboats, and tank cars.
  Three hundred miles inland, its mills are now prefabri-    
cating 18,000-ton ships, the huge parts of which are moved    
to yards in single pieces to speed another vessel down to sea.

                                                    *         *        *    

By shortening the distances and minutes between America's Victory    
Cities, Pennsylvania Central Airlines proudly serves the daily trans-    
portation needs of those whose efforts are so essential to the winning    
of the war - just as it has faithfully served America's peacetime    
civilian needs for sixteen consecutive years.

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