Janet Grimm

The back says "Miss Janet Grimm (her maiden name) of Detroit (she did not live in Detroit) PCA Stewardess" It was processed at Peoples Drug Store on June 17th 1940. She was scheduled with her regular crew, Capt. Scroggins for PCA #19 on August 31st, 1940. She told me a friend asked her to switch trips with her because she had a date. PCA #19 left the old Hoover Airport in DC and crashed in a thunderstorm near Lovettsville VA about 20 minutes later. By the following March she was employed by the British Air Comission in Washington so her flying days were over. Don't know if the loss of her friends and her own near miss had anything to do with her leaving PCA (and apparently getting rid of any of her PCA things... this picture is all I've ever found)... she never said. She did tell me stories of her flying days when I was a kid... mostly funny ones about Capt. Scroggins (of whom she was very fond) but never anything about why she quit flying. It's an interesting bit of family history. --

Steve Heare

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