Graduated from Bowling Green in 58. Went to St. Louis and worked for the Air Force making aero charts. Then went to Washington D.C. to do off shore mapping for the Navy. We worked 28 days on,11vhours a day and then a week in port. Got to visit Norway, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Japan and Brazil. Ended up heading the bathymetric departmeny (deep water surveys) hydrographic department (next to shore surveys) and retired as head of data bases. Met my wife in D.C. who came over from Germany for a year. About 40 years ago. We visited her parents and went to England, Scotland,Sweden, Denmark, and France. Have two boys - eldest is mountain climbing in Coloraado and the other sailing with the America's Cup in Spain. He lives in Costa Mesa.

I now live in:

Pass Christian MS 39571, on 23444 Woodland Way. A very quiet area at the end of a dead end road.

We (Minna my wife & I) have been living here since 1976 when the office I was working for was transferred here from Waschington, D.C. Have two sons, one in CA and the other in VA. I've been retired since 1995 and enjoying the peace and quiet.

Again, I really enjoyed the web site and hope it grows.

Don Doyle - class of 54 & will be there in September