I spend most of my time these days working on my (2 dozen) webpages. Besides pages for the "Class of '54" I have pages for UAL retirees, my family and others. After graduation worked for Capital Airlines (spend a lot of time on this page - http://baesel.net/cap1.htm ), joined the Air Force, returned to Capital after my enlistment. Was able to transfer to Miami for the winters. Capital merged with United in 1962. I was transferred to Stockton CA. Took a leave of absence to attend college, then returned to United in Los Angeles. Worked at LAX until retirement in 1993. Worked in the media for a few years until my home was paid off and Social Security kicked in ( http://baesel.net/biz.htm ). Working for the airlines enabled me to travel to many far off places Hawaii,Europe, Australia, Alaska. I really wanted to attend the 50th class reunion but because of medical problems I was unable.



I have a body of an 18 year old but I have to give it back 'cause

                            I'm getting it all wrinkled.

                gary b.