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Born 1879 | Married Dec. 28, 1902 to Hattie Fish | Died Nov. 9, 1956

Buried Sunset Memorial Park, North Olmsted, OH

THE CLEVELAND PRESS, Saturday, Nov. 7, 1953

CHURCH CUSTODIAN FOR 19 YEARS is the accomplishment of William H. Baesel, 74, who lives at 17100 Larchmont Ave. He will be a guest at dinner Tuesday night in West Park Congregational Church, 3909 Rocky River Dr.

Church Fetes Custodian

      They are "gonna" throw a party for Bill Baesel next Tuesday night in West Park Congregational Church, 3909 Rocky River Dr.

     The name is William Henry Baesel - and he lives at 17100 Larchwood Ave. And he is 74 - through he doesn't look it.

     The big fuss - will be a dinner - with all the trimmings - is over the fact that Bill served for 19 years as custodian at West Park Church.

     In the early days he shoveled tons of coal into the furnace. And he has cleaned snow from sidewalks and polished up the interior of the church for nearly two decades.

     Men's Club of the church will sponsor the testimonial dinner which will be served by women of the church. There will be

speeches and a gift for the man who has served the congregation long and well. More than 350 persons are expected to attend, the pastor, the Rev. Oliver H. Crowles, reported.

    Baesel not only keeps the church shining but now and then leads a square dance when the young folks have a social event in the parish hall.









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